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D G.

Oct 1, 2023 via Yelp

I’ve been a client of Confidence Wealth Management since 2020 and couldn’t be a more satisfied loyal customer. Special shout out to my Advisor (Silvia Chi) for outstanding service, patience, and the easiest, nicest person to work with.

Edward B.

Jul 20, 2023 via Yelp

We are extremely pleased with Confidence Wealth. It is really refreshing to work with financial advisor like Confidence Wealth, who is interested in their client’s needs and situations. What really impressed us was the way they took the time to get to know us and get a feeling for where we were at. They are always a phone call away, always responded to our questions. Kept us updated with our investment and regularly reviewed any changes in our circumstances. This is what financial advisors should do! This is the kind of service we have been looking for. It is nice to have one place to come to without being too large or institutional, where you are just a number. We’re glad to have them as our trusted financial advisor.

Stan G.

Oct 6, 2020 via Yelp

I first met Crystal in 2016. I have been to many financial advisors who only cared about putting me in annuities and financial products for their own gain and not for my best interest. I was unsure of starting up another relationship with anyone and have to say that Crystal won me over big time. She is super specific, analytical and detail oriented. I actually feel confidence in knowing what funds I will draw from when I am ready to retire…her staff is fantastic, she, Rem and Jenny are super class acts. I would not hesitate to utilize Crystal or her team for your account management and for retirement planning that is very thorough and personally oriented. She is very different than any advisor I have utilized and is a really wonderful person with heart to guide you. Thanks Crystal for everything..especially making me feel so much more comfortable knowing how my future will be played out..just 8 years away. Warmly, your friend and client. PS..the idiot person below has no idea what they missed out on by not seeing this presentation. It changed my life..what a stupid and unconscious review. Nothing could be further from the truth..CRYSTAL NEVER WASTES ANYONES TIME!

Robert P.

Jun 21, 2019 via Yelp

Attended one of their events. Probably one of the best seminars, and I’ve been to a lot of these! The speaker went through the presentation using words you can understand, no investment mumbo jumbo lingo. I signed a video release. I don’t see what the big deal is? It’s not like they were recording me. I’m not ready to use them now but I was so impressed that I would consider them in the future. Good information and good food.

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