(310) 824-1000

With Over 70 Years of Combined
Advisor Experience

(310) 824-1000

With Over 70 Years of Combined
Advisor Experience

Meet The Team

We live and work by a strong code.

And that code consists of extraordinary characteristics such as loyalty, dependability, transparency, diligence, resilience, compassion, courage, and integrity.

Our team possesses all of these qualities and that’s why we feel confident to have them represent us and serve people like you.

Rem Oculee

Founder and CEO

Rem and his team at Confidence Wealth have continued to take a powerful, holistic approach to wealth management. Their process isn’t subject to whim, and it doesn’t believe that what happened in the past will always happen that way again. Rather, it draws on Rem’s 30 years of experience in both business and finance.

Crystal Oculee

Chief Financial Strategist

Richard Hughes

Senior Wealth Manager

Brian Kelca, CLU, ChFC, MBA

Advanced Insurance Strategies

Silvia Chi

Wealth Advisor

James Egerstrom, CFP, MBA

Lead Case Design Specialist

Jenny Ng

Vice President of Client Operations

Marica Snyder

Management of Logistics and Coordination

David Lauritzen

Relationship Management

Phaedra Frampton

Trust Administration Estate Planning Team

Mae Talle

Infrastructure and Technology Deployment

Lori Acog

Data Management

Ally MacLean

Event Assistant

Paul Andrew

IT Specialist