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Our method goes beyond entrusting your wealth to a solo advisor. We are a comprehensive interdisciplinary team of exceptionally skilled professionals, collaborating diligently and dedicated to your success.

Personal & Family
Wealth Solutions

For individuals and families who want to protect their wealth, maximize their potential, and create legacies for future generations

Business Wealth Solutions

Access wealth strategies exclusively available to business owners, established entrepreneurs, and owner-operators.

Business Exit Strategies

Thinking of exiting or selling your company? Explore personalized and strategic solutions that support your business at every stage, including life beyond ownership.

Unlock a Wealth of Opportunities. Your Interests Come First.

Our teams boast a rich tapestry of skills to address your financial, tax, investment, and legal needs from all angles.

It can be all too easy to focus on just one aspect of your financial life—and in doing so, miss opportunities and incur unnecessary risks. Different professions and life stages can shape your wealth strategy in unique ways. That’s why our guidance is custom-tailored to maximize the possibilities and navigate the challenges you encounter.

We examine your full financial picture, including the personal and emotional components of wealth management.

Our goal is to transform your future, not just manage it.

Confidence Wealth Management is Right for You.

Imagine, a team of trusted professionals providing coordinated solutions that address your financial situation.

The measure of a good financial plan is not when the economy is up; it’s when it’s down.
-Rem Oculee, Founder and CEO
Personal & Family Wealth Solutions

We understand the challenges and complexities that come with managing significant assets. We don’t see ourselves as your wealth advisors, but rather, we are stewards of your lifelong work and legacy.

It’s taken decades to accumulate your wealth, and you are now at a crossroads, looking for ways to pass on your legacy to future generations. You are not just looking to preserve your wealth, but to make it grow, to make it meaningful, and to make it last. We know it’s beyond numbers; it’s about your family’s future and creating a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Business Wealth Solutions

You’ve worked hard, taken risks, and invested everything to build your company into the success it is today. However, achieving and maintaining significant wealth in business requires a different set of skills. That’s where we come in. Get integrated strategies that manage the overlapping personal and business financial opportunities that come with owning a business. Learn how we can unlock your company’s potential to help transform your wealth.

Business Exit Strategies

Congratulations on your decision to sell or exit your business. This is a significant milestone, and it’s an emotional journey for any business owner. You may feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the process and the many decisions you must make. That’s why we created the Business Exit Architecture. We will guide you before, during, and after the sale of your company. From minimizing taxes to maximizing the value of your business, and everything in between, we will help translate your new assets into meaningful wealth for you and your family. 

Meet the Team

Rem Oculee

Founder and CEO

We exist to help you by using financial solutions and strategies that will manage your net worth, protect your retirement, and transform your wealth into meaningful moments.

We continually and tirelessly strive to protect you against the uncertainties of life by using an array of conservative income strategies. We take a multi-prong approach that is not rooted in products or trends, but in a well-thought out, financial strategy that takes into your account your specific and unique needs. No two plans are exactly alike as the assets, portfolio options and allotments are all custom-tailored to you and your particular requirements and circumstances.

About 30% of family business owners have no intention of retiring, ever. And that's not all - another 30% expect their retirement to be more than 11 years away. Since business owners have a median age of 51, they plan to live out their years working in their business.¹
Nearly a third of family businesses have no estate plan beyond a will.²
In a report by the Exit Planning Institute, 83% of business owners surveyed do not have a transition plan (49%) or have a plan but it has not been documented or communicated (34%).³

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