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Dan S.

Feb 2, 2024 via Yelp

I have been with CWM for over 18 months now and continue to be very impressed and pleased with their financial expertise and attention to detail.

I’ve dealt directly with Crystal and several of the CWM family of financial specialists and am very satisfied with their level of knowledge and expertise. I value their counsel and recommendations regarding wealth-building and retirement strategies. The recent economic downturn proved to me that my investments have been properly allocated to minimize risk while benefiting from an economic upturn.

Whenever I need assistance or have some specific questions, I always appreciate a very prompt, professional, and courteous response, which means a lot. Coming from a well known investor-advicement firm, I’m happy to say that I made the right decision 18 months ago! Well done CWM! šŸ™‚

Diane Y.

March 20, 2024 via Yelp

Crystal’s team are always is there to help. There is a very personal feeling. I recommended Confidence to my friends and family.

Pam O.

January 15, 2024 via Yelp

I first began checking out financial advisors by attending a couple of free intros, and searching online. When I attended a free online seminar with Crystal Oculee, I felt for the first time that I’d come across a real human being, not just another “talking head”. She’s been exceptional in giving me materials to watch and read, and having Zoom meetings with her and her team to bring me up to speed — I had zero previous experience with investing or handling money, so I’ve had a lot to learn. And I’m cautious by nature, so I need to understand things thoroughly and feel sure about what I’m getting into.

She and her team have been wonderful. They always get back to me quickly, are patient and thorough in helping me understand everything step by step to my satisfaction and comfort level, and are fastidious in their follow through. They always make me feel like the most important thing they could be doing in that moment is talking to me, making sure to address my concerns so that I understand and feel comfortable with everything that we are doing.

I have gained so much understanding and confidence about my finances. I feel secure now about how we’re allocating them, and no longer feel nervous about my financial future, especially knowing that we will be doing a review each year to update allocations, and that I can be in touch as anything changes in my circumstances along the way.

What an excellent team you’ve assembled. I’ve rarely come across a group who are all so good at what they do, how they do it, and especially how they treat the people that they deal with. What a pleasure to work with.

Thank you to all of you.

Steve B.

Jul 29, 2023 via Yelp

We’ve used Confidence Wealth for three years. We highly recommend them because of their sound advice, fair and transparent fees, holistic assessment of our finances, responsiveness, easy -to-use online access to our financials (investments, budgets, spending), and ability to clearly explain things. They are big enough to have experts in all areas, but small enough to provide personal service through a dedicated team, including their Chief of Financial Strategies. Every financial decision they’ve helped us with looks at short/long term benefits and risks, as well as tax implications. For example, they just helped us decide which accounts to use to pay for a large home improvement project. They proactively alert us to market conditions that affect us. With their help, we significantly changed our asset location to reduce the chances of losing more than we were comfortable with in a market downturn, while still benefiting from growth in the market. This has helped us sleep better. Initially, we got a comprehensive analysis of our finances (investments, taxes, insurance, estate planning). Their ongoing advice, includes a full annual review and we get all of this for less than we paid before for simple investment advice.

iris b.

Aug 3, 2023 via Yelp

We first met Crystal at a Confidence Wealth Management (CWM) seminar in Long Beach, CA. We recently moved to CA from Texas where we already had an Ameriprise advisor. My husband thought it couldn’t hurt to hear someone else’s point of view so we attended the seminar. After listening to Crystal, her qualifications, and the CWM philosophy we signed up for a consultation. At the consultation we each took a survey about our personal risk-comfort level and also uploaded our financial records to a secure portal. Within a few weeks we met Crystal in a 1×1 where she reviewed our current status, where she felt our financial situation was lacking, and how to secure/ensure money for our later years and have a legacy for our children. I was hesitant to change advisors, however after a few meetings it just made sense. We’ve since moved back to Texas and still meet with Crystal via an online app for our annual review. However, our dealings with our CWM support team, Jenny and James, is seamless. They are both so on top of their game and provide help in the many different financial issues that arise. Such as when my mom passed, Jenny helped with all the transition paperwork that was needed. James was available to advise where investments should go, etc. There is such a level of expertise at CWM and it starts at the very top. We are very satisfied with the work CWM has done with us and most importantly, we have peace of mind.
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