Roundtable Panel Discussion:
The Importance of Planning for Catastrophes and Disasters

As the pandemic has demonstrated, unexpected disasters can happen at any time.

One of our wealth advisors knows this firsthand. What was supposed to be a typical day became one of the more significant moments in her life. In a matter of hours, her house burned down, and she lost almost everything she owned.

How would your life change if this happened to you? No one is immune. Catastrophes usually happen very quickly. However, the impact of those disasters can span out in months and years.

For that reason, we are doing a roundtable panel discussion on the importance of preparing for catastrophes. We can’t predict the next disaster, but we can minimize the impact if we’re prepared for it.

These unfortunate circumstances create a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety for those directly and indirectly affected. Preparing for catastrophes and disasters is protecting those you love.