When adding investments to a portfolio, how well they perform may not be the only question.

Investors are increasingly considering ESG factors — environmental, social and governance principles — when they choose investments.

Socially-conscious investing is on the rise. Investors have been environmentally conscious in their lifestyle, and with that, many have applied those values to their portfolio.

So what are ESG funds, and how do they relate to your investments?

Watch our roundtable panel discussion as we cover this new wave of “sustainable” finance.


Rem Oculee

Rem Oculee
Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Crystal Oculee

Crystal Oculee
Chief Financial Strategist
Certified Tax Specialist®
Certified Income Specialist®
National Social Security Advisor®
Certified Estate and Trust Specialist®
Certified Annuity Specialist®
Certified Fund Specialist®

Chris Krug

Chris Krug
Portfolio Analyst
Chartered Financial Analyst®

James Egerstrom

James Egerstrom
Lead Case Design
Certified Financial Planner®
Master of Business Administration