Important topics we’ll discuss:

  • With the new administration, there has been talks of new tax rates. What are they and will it happen?
  • How will the country’s deficit affect our economic future?
  • How is Bitcoin as an investment?
  • How will the vaccine impact the economy?
  • When will the economy recover?
  • Will retroactive tax increases happen?
  • How do we counteract risks to build a solid plan?
  • What is our criteria for institutional money managers?
  • And much more


Rem Oculee

Rem Oculee
Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Crystal Oculee

Crystal Oculee
Chief Financial Strategist
Certified Tax Specialist®
Certified Income Specialist®
National Social Security Advisor®
Certified Estate and Trust Specialist®
Certified Annuity Specialist®
Certified Fund Specialist®

Chris Krug

Chris Krug
Portfolio Analyst
Chartered Financial Analyst®

James Egerstrom

James Egerstrom
Lead Case Design
Certified Financial Planner®
Master of Business Administration