Is a Private Wealth Management Firm for You?

For a long time, the Super Rich (those with a net worth of $500 million or more) have had connections to the most outstanding financial advisors for their specific situations. They’ve been able to join forces with those professionals via family offices, something with which you might be familiar. Family offices, in essence, are organizations that put their full focus on the needs of those whose net worth is $500 million and above.

Here’s some good news for you—our world’s various technological advancements, regulation changes, and some top-of-the-line professionals have opened the doors of family offices and their many benefits to more of the affluent (not just the Super Rich). So, if you’re not super-wealthy just yet, not to worry. You can still get the same spectacular results the Super Rich enjoy!

Your next option is to work with a Private Wealth Management, which is an entity that builds itself specifically around you, your family, your needs, and even as far as your hopes, wants, and issues within your financial life and lifestyle. It aims to mirror the types of family offices that the Super Rich have at their disposal.

Sound perfect to you? It very well might be! First, however, it’s essential for you to consider the financial and lifestyle advice you’re getting now and compare it with what you could get with a Private Wealth Management to decide if we are really what you need.

Compare What You’ve Got with a Private Wealth Management

If you had the choice, it’s likely you’d pick only experienced financial advisors to work with for any and all of your situations. However, the truth is, many investors just like you and families like yours aren’t currently working with professionals who are really capable of delivering the advice and help needed. If you feel in the dark, you wouldn’t be the first—many affluent families aren’t sure if they’re getting the best solutions available for their financial situations.

So, that said, take a moment to assess your own situation by answering the questions below:

  1. How well and how deeply do your current professionals understand you as a person outside of just your financial situation? (This would include any accountants, financial advisors, attorneys, etcetera.)
  2. How well are your professionals communicating with you regarding all matters of solutions and strategies they propose to you?
  3. What does your personal relationship look like with your professionals? Do they jump proactively at the call to assist you?

What Confidence Wealth Management will provide you with is a team of financial professionals who endeavor to understand you on a deep and personal level—when they look at you, they don’t just see numbers. They’ll help optimize your financial world to its fullest potential by synchronizing custom solutions that aim to fit your every need and want. They use what they know about you, like what matters most to you and what doesn’t, to help shape their custom plan, and it enables them to assist you in getting the results you are looking for. Have a look at the three key components we employ to make this happen:

  • Client-centered discovery. This is the process by which we will learn about you and the people that you care about.
  • Coherent, connected communication. This is when we explain your solutions and advice to you in a way that makes sense, allowing you to make better-informed choices.
  • Deep, intimate relationships. This means we will constantly be working to develop a closer trust and rapport with you, which helps us know you on an even deeper level and communicate things to you even clearer.

Here are three more questions to ask yourself about your current financial advisors:

  1. How often do the financial professionals you work with reach out to and coordinate with the top specialists in specific fields when certain matters are beyond their expertise?
  2. Do you think your current financial advisors are providing or are able to provide you with the best solutions and expertise you can get?
  3. How often do your wealth advisors and brokers get you to the front of the line with regard to getting the solutions and expertise you need?

Most times, whether or not you can get the expertise you need depends on your financial professionals knowing someone they can refer you to when a situation calls for it. But Confidence Wealth Management has put together a network of experienced professionals in their fields to assist you in achieving your stated objectives. It’s the tools and strategies that we use that helps make a big difference. Have a look below:

  • Contacts. This refers to our network of resources that we’ve worked with and curated over the years to help you achieve your goals.
  • Capabilities. This means that we are able to deliver specialized, custom solutions. Many financial advice is written for the masses.
  • Preferential agreements. This refers to the ability of us being able to bump you to the front of the line when accessing solutions and specialists, and it also refers to our ability to get you these things in a cost-effective manner.

Finally, here are three last questions to ask yourself about your current professionals:

  1. Do your financial advisors catch and fix any failures by means of systematic processes and constantly keep an eye on the management of your financial situation?
  2. Are your wealth advisors often thinking about “what if’s” in order to unearth new opportunities and decide on the best future plan of action you can take?
  3. Do your financial professionals come back to your solutions and reevaluate to see if you’re still on the best possible course or if a different path would do better for you?

Intricate coordination of sophisticated and complex solutions and synergies is key to Confidence Wealth Management’s ability to provide outcomes that could be beneficial for you and your family. While some wealth advisors approach your financial challenges and the like often in an inconstant way, we don’t. We employ systematic processes for you to help find possible gaps in your wealth plan. We are able to accomplish this because we’re designed to:

  • Address failures. We will seek out mistakes and possible faults in solutions and processes thus far and iron them out.
  • Identify opportunities. We are consistently on the lookout for any missed opportunities that we can take advantage of and help you decide if they’re a good idea to pursue.
  • Continuously improve. We review your current plan in place and check if they are up-to-date.


Many people like yourself often don’t answer the questions mentioned above in a very positive note. This is usually the case when their financial lives and situations are fairly complex. For instance, let’s say you’ve got a lot of financial issues on your plate that need attention (like estate planning) and nonfinancial issues to attend to (like health care concerns). This is a circumstance when a coordinated Private Wealth Management firm can really help you.

The upshot: Your needs are paramount, so it’s most important that you work with the financial professionals that are the best fit for your specific situation. If your life is complicated and difficult to navigate, give some thought to how we would be able to help you

Confidence Wealth Managementis a sophisticated Private Wealth Management firm that specializes in what we consider to be next-level, advanced strategies and solutions to protect and prudently grow your wealth.



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