5 Keys to Investing for Retirement

Retirement is good and admirable if you have two essentials – much to live on and much to live for. But sometimes, it can be overwhelming to decide on one’s retirement account when preparing for retirement. You may feel this way because you feel you have little knowledge of investments. However, your feelings are understandable. […]

Deciding When to Retire: When Timing Becomes Critical

Deciding when to retire isn’t one decision, but many. That’s because there are a lot of factors to consider when you want to plan it right. For example, you need to estimate not only your expenses but also what sources of retirement income you’ll have and how long you’ll need that income to last. That […]

401(k) In-Plan Roth Conversions

Many people want to know whether or not they should keep their 401(k) or convert it into a Roth when they change jobs, and for good reason. Choosing to keep your money in a 401(k) or convert to a Roth can make or lose you a lot of money in the future. Before I get […]

The Guide to Taxes and Your Retirement

No matter how long you enjoy working, a day will come when you’ll have to retire. The good news is that many people are now entering retirement and are doing so with a significant amount of money in investments coupled with retirement accounts to supplement their social security. However, it is sad that many retirees […]

3 Stretch IRA Alternatives

The passage of the SECURE Act in 2019 effectively eliminated the stretch IRA, an estate planning strategy that allowed an inherited IRA to continue growing tax deferred, potentially for decades. Most non spouse beneficiaries, including children and grandchildren, can no longer stretch distributions over their lifetimes. Moreover, proposed IRS regulations require most designated beneficiaries to […]

Building Healthcare Costs Into Retirement Planning

Planning for your future healthcare needs can be like pulling teeth, especially when you need to involve your financial advisor. But with expenses rising, you’re not planning for your retirement if you don’t consider potential costs and how to avoid them. Healthcare costs are rising in a trend that you can safely expect will continue, […]

Cracking the Nest Egg: When Accumulation Becomes Distribution

Leaving the workforce to live off your savings is an adventure. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at once. If you want to take the plunge and enjoy the experience, you’re going to want a stalwart guide to help you prepare for and navigate through the ups and downs. Retirement planning can be easy during the […]

10 Terms Every Investor Should Know

A friend of mine reached out to me recently because he was interested in investing some of his funds in preparation for his retirement. I told him how that was a good thought on his part, and we continued the conversation until I began mentioning some investing terms he was unfamiliar with. He paused and […]

How to Find a Financial Advisor

If you’re planning a trip, you’re not likely going to just buy a ticket and leave. You could do that, but you’re just as likely to run into a wild series of problems as you are to have a good time. That’s because having a good trip takes proper planning, and so does securing your […]

5 Things You Can Do With an IRA That You Can’t With a 401(k)

A client retired recently and called to thank me. She’d had the same 401(k) account for years before I convinced her to branch out. At the time, she’d figured it was best if she ignored what was going on in her retirement account. Out of sight, out of mind. She thought if she got involved […]