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How Your Tax Rate Impacts the Three Stages of Your Retirement

If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t thought about taxes in retirement. Did you know that you may need different tax planning in retirement (the distribution phase) than working (the accumulation phase)? Many aspects of retirement will affect your tax bill in ways different than your working years. Our confusing tax system treats various income types differently and contains hidden taxes and penalties.

Crystal Oculee
Chief Financial Strategist

Do you dislike paying unnecessary taxes?

Many people don’t realize that tax planning changes through different stages of retirement. Managing your tax rate through those stages is part of the challenge. I personally know! I’ve seen many people pay more taxes in retirement than is necessary.

That’s why I did this webinar – to discuss the key tax issues you need to anticipate.

Taxes in Retirement Webinar
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Do you know what the tax implications are for your retirement?

It’s crucial for you to know that the retirement distribution phase – spending assets in retirement – is much different than the accumulation phase when you’re saving. And it’s critical for you to understand what these are, and how they can impact you.

You see, chances are you’ve been working hard accumulating for several decades. But now, as

you are nearing retirement or are already retired, you may be coming close to or in a different phase: the distribution phase.

Not only that, the distribution phase has new rules that can catch people off guard. And with those new rules, there are often many changes in your own personal life that can have a big impact on your taxes, too.


Crystal Oculee

Crystal Oculee is the Chief Financial Strategist of the Confidence Wealth group. She is the author of Money Confidence: Advice for Women to Take Control of Their Financial Freedom Now. She is also a fiduciary wealth manager and a national financial motivational speaker. She is a TV and radio personality who has appeared on CBS News, Fox, ABC, NBC, KFI, KTLK, KRLA, KDAR, and KKLA. She has been featured in Oprah.com and in publications such as Entrepreneur, Yahoo! Finance and Redbook magazine.

With a deep understanding of retirement and financial issues and a passion for change, she has taught thousands to take positive action in their lives and stand up for themselves, their money, and their futures.

Crystal has been a guest speaker at numerous events sponsored by organizations such as the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE), the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF), California Women’s Conference, the Los Angeles Women’s Expo, An Empowered Woman, and the Guam Women’s Leadership Retreat.

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