Tax Changes Through 4 Stages of Retirement

Do you dislike paying unnecessary taxes? Did you know that you may need different tax planning in the distribution phase (retirement) than in the accumulation phase (working)?

Join me on a webinar that discusses these issues and what you can do about it!

  • The common misconceptions about taxes in retirement
  • The first thing you need to understand about taxes in retirement
  • Strategies and tools you can potentially use in developing a retirement tax plan
  • Why the conventional wisdom of when to use assets may not work
  • The tax mistakes in Social Security and Medicare
  • How to organize assets for your family's benefits
  • And more!

You see, many aspects of retirement will affect your tax bill in ways different than your working years. Our confusing tax system treats various income types differently and contains hidden taxes and penalties.

That’s why I'm doing a webinar that discusses the key tax issues you need to anticipate.

I found that many people — and you might be one of them — do not realize that tax planning changes through different stages of retirement. That’s why managing your tax rate through those stages is part of the challenge. I personally know! I've seen many people pay more taxes in retirement than is necessary.

It’s crucial for you to know that the retirement distribution phase – spending assets in retirement – is much different than the accumulation phase when you’re saving. And it's critical for you to understand what these are, and how they can impact you.

You see, chances are you've been working hard accumulating for several decades. But now, as you are nearing retirement or are already retired, you may be coming close to or in a different phase: the distribution phase.

Not only that, the distribution phase has new rules that can catch people off guard. And with those new rules, there are often many changes in your own personal life that can have a big impact on your taxes, too.

Meet Your Presenter:

Crystal Oculee

Chief Financial Strategist
Confidence Wealth Management

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