Our commitment to you

You have placed your trust in us. In return, we make a number of commitments to you, to ensure that you receive a professional, personalized service.

We take time to understand your financial situation

Our approach to developing your personalized plan depends upon our understanding of your wants and needs, your relationship with money and your existing financial situation. We will treat your information in the strictest confidence and work on the basis of mutual trust. 

We keep your plan up to date

Things will always change, no matter how organized or forward thinking you are. So we make sure that our advisors keep up to date with any changes in the markets that might impact your plans. We also keep in regular touch with you so that we can factor in anything that might change in your personal life. We will meet with you on a regular basis to keep your plan current. And we ask you to tell us about any major alterations in your life – marriage, divorce, the birth of death of a loved one, changes in your business or occupation, real estate and assets – that could affect your plans for retirement.

We provide a personalized approach

Your financial plan is based firmly on your individual needs. Our advisors gather the information they need from you to create a detailed overview of your existing situation and your future goals. We are experts in providing a personalized approach, giving advice on a full range of services that could affect your retirement, from tax savings to social security to medicare. Our focus is always on you. We will always put your interests at heart and develop a financial plan that meets your needs. 

We are lifelong learners – and we encourage you to be the same

The financial markets are complex, and fast-changing. Our expert advisors keep learning to make sure they know the ins and outs of the markets. We pass on this knowledge to our clients, through newsletters, events and workshops.  And we encourage you to ask questions, so that you can stay in control of the decision-making process.


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