Reduce Your Inheritance Tax

If you want to pass the maximum amount of your wealth to your heirs—the wealth you have worked hard to build—then you must come to the recognition that passing assets to your loved ones could potentially create undesired tax liabilities for them, the beneficiaries.

Confidence Wealth can potentially help you address this tax concern by possibly repositioning a portion of your assets into vehicles that provides tax-free benefits to the beneficiary upon passing the money.

There are a number of advanced strategies that Confidence Wealth can work with you on to give you the solutions that preserves your future legacy and your family assets.

Some of these are:

  • Advanced strategies to maximize your estate and income tax planning opportunities
  • Advanced strategies to protect any assets in trust and ensure they are distributed to your beneficiaries probate-free
  • Advanced strategies to protect your IRA and qualified accounts from becoming fully taxable to your beneficiaries

Remember, it is important to ensure your hard-earned assets go to your beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient manner.

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