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The Art of Maximizing Your Entertainment Earnings

We’re just as excited as you are that production that had strayed away from California is coming back booming with streaming production. With this new world of opportunity comes new financial challenges that are strikingly similar to the familiar pattern of work-no-work or the welcome windfall of contingent compensation. We can help you mitigate overpayment of taxes and common pension drawdown blunders.

Women’s Focus on Wealth, Taxes and the Unexpected

As production returns to California, a whole new streaming world of opportunity comes with new financial challenges that are similar to the familiar pattern of erratic earnings, a heavy tax burden on bonuses and other windfalls. We can help you safeguard assets from these common stumbling blocks, divorce and other life events faced by women in entertainment in our upcoming webinar for women and by women.

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Finance personality Crystal Oculee who has appeared on major network television and has been featured in Entrepreneur and Redbook magazine today launched a series of webinars that explore the revenue, taxation and retirement landscape in a new streaming world.

The webinars will dive into strategies that demystify getting the most out of careers in the entrainment industry that, by their nature, are subject to lifelong fluctuations; high rates of taxation; longer periods spent in retirement; mitigating financial challenges triggered by windfalls, force majeure events and other entertainment-specific challenges facing its constituents and the industry’s service providers.

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Crystal Oculee

Chief Financial Strategiest

  • Certified Tax Specialist®
  • Certified Income Specialist®
  • Certified National Social Security Advisor®
  • Certified Estate and Trust Specialist®
  • Certified Fund Specialist®
  • Certified Annuity Specialist®

Crystal Oculee is the Chief Financial Strategist of the Confidence Wealth group. She is the author of Money Confidence and Your Personal Money Diary. She is a Certified Tax Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, and a certified National Social Security Advisor. Less than 1% of financial advisors hold these designations. She is also a fiduciary wealth manager and a national financial motivational speaker. She is a TV and radio personality who has appeared on CBS News, Fox, ABC, NBC, KFI, KTLK, KRLA, KDAR, and KKLA. She has been featured in Oprah.com and in publications such as Entrepreneur, Yahoo! Finance and Redbook magazine. 

With a deep understanding of retirement and financial issues and a passion for change, she has taught thousands to take positive action in their lives and stand up for themselves, their money, and their futures. 

Crystal has been a guest speaker at numerous events sponsored by organizations such as the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE), the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF), California Women’s Conference, the Los Angeles Women’s Expo, An Empowered Woman, and the Guam Women’s Leadership Retreat.

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