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About the Webinar

Even during turbulent times, you can more comfortably ride out a financial storm if you’re prepared and have sound financial strategies in place. Gains and losses are part of investing. By using deliberate, time-tested approaches, you may be able to pursue your goals without feeling as though you need to constantly adjust your portfolio to react to today’s news.

Crystal Oculee

Chief Financial Strategies

There’s no way to know when the defining moments will be, but you can count on market swings to challenge your patience as an investor. It’s generally a case of when and not if it happens.

Expecting volatility and having a sound financial strategy in place may be the best defense when events roil the markets. This webinar may also help prevent you from making emotion-based investment decisions. In this one-hour webinar, you will learn:

✔︎ Steps to building a stronger portfolio

✔︎ Assessing your investment options

✔︎ Factors that influence the economy and the financial markets

✔︎ Utilizing fundamental tactics to enhance your investing potential

✔︎ How events have influenced stocks

✔︎ Developing a sound financial strategy

✔︎ Overcoming risky behavior

✔︎ Keeping expectations in c heck and preparing for the unexpected

Meet the Presenter

Crystal Oculee

Crystal Oculee is the Chief Financial Strategist of the Confidence Wealth group. She is the author of Money Confidence: Advice for Women to Take Control of Their Financial Freedom Now. She is also a fiduciary wealth manager and a national financial motivational speaker. She is a TV and radio personality who has appeared on CBS News, Fox, ABC, NBC, KFI, KTLK, KRLA, KDAR, and KKLA. Shae has been featured in and in publications such as Entrepreneur, Yahoo! Finance and Redbook magazine.

With a deep understanding of retirement and financial issues and a passion for change, she has taught thousands to take positive action in their lives and stand up for themselves, their money, and their futures.

Crystal has been a guest speaker at numerous events sponsored by organizations such as the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE). the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF), California Women’s Conference, the Los Angeles Women’s Expo, An Empowered Woman, and the Guam Women’s Leadership Retreat.

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