Why Us?

The Money Confidence™ System: Complete Investment Choices for Careful Clients

  • Personal Financial Plan
  • Quality Investment Choices
  • Diversified Risk Management

Our advisors use a careful process to align the selection of investments with the overall objectives of each client.


  • Client Risk Profile
  • Individual Financial Objectives
  • Financial Market Conditions


  • Risk Level
  • Asset Protection and Growth Expectations
  • Align Investment Choices with Client Objectives


  • Diversified Portfolio Design
  • Focus on Reducing Volatility and Risk
  • Asset Class Allocation

The Money Confidence™ System: The DES

Confidence Wealth Management has developed an investment philosophy that’s main goal is to create sustainable performance for the long term and help each client achieve his or her vision.


Dedication to success yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Being continually dedicated to knowing each client and the unique vision that they bring to the table and helping to achieve every objective defined, always being willing to go one step further to achieve success.


The wealth of knowledge maintained by advisors builds each and every day and is continually challenged by the goal to be a learning organization, becoming better in each situation presented, welcoming feedback and cutting edge strategies to stay ahead of the curve.


We provide strength in diversification of assets and the highest priority in creating sustainable investment practices that ensure success for long term focus.

Complete Financial Planning and Investment Management

We believe our clients should understand how their money is invested and how the structure of their complete financial plan will help them ultimately reach their financial objectives. Your personal Confidence Wealth financial advisor will take all the time that is necessary to listen to what is most important to you and explain anything you might not fully understand. With Confidence Wealth financial planning and investments, you get personalized financial solutions that are designed for real people with real needs.

“Successfully handling your current financial situation and securing your financial future requires a complete planning process that covers each important area of your life. We continually work to make this easy for our clients so that they can enjoy other aspects of their life without the worry and concern of the day-to-day financial market changes. Working one-on-one with a Confidence Wealth personal advisor allows you to ensure that all the financial aspects of your life are planned and addressed.”     
-Rem Oculee, Founder and CEO

The Money Confidence™ System: A Step-By-Step Approach to Success

Confidence Wealth Management strives to continually ensure that each client is provided with premier level of service designed with the goal of providing the best strategy to meet clients’ specific financial planning and investment needs. We value the commitment to making you our top priority as more than a client, and as a mutual partner in creating sustainable success in creating the vision you have for you and your family.

Take a look at what the Step-by-Step Approach will look like for you in the journey with Confidence Wealth Management:

Step 1. Meeting with Confidence Wealth One-on-One

During our meetings, you will engage in an open discussion to help clearly understand and define objectives, investment horizon and timeline, risk tolerance and cash flow needs.

Step 2. Account Activation and Personalized Access

At Confidence Wealth Management, we ensure an open-flow of communication and this starts at the account activation level through personalized access for viewing account performance.

Step 3. Continual Review and Analysis

The conversation doesn’t stop after the account is created. Continual conversations and periodic reviews conducted in person or over the phone with Confidence Wealth advisors helps to ensure that your personalized investment strategy stays on track in meeting your needs and is able to adjust for any life events that may arise.

We listen.

We discuss.

We advise.

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