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Founded in 2002, Confidence Wealth Management is a private wealth management firm that specializes in advanced strategies and solutions. We incorporate sophisticated and technical expertise with effective financial and legal strategies to work together in a synergistic manner based on your lifelong objectives. We’re fiduciaries. We operate by both ethics and law to hold your best interest in everything we do.

Many advisors focus on investment planning; that’s what they specialize in. And that’s great. However, to experience comprehensive

wealth management, holistic planning is needed — a comprehensive planning process designed to address the many (and often disparate and complex) financial issues you face. It involves the highest degree of integration in many aspects of your life, and they must all work in unison to achieve your optimized financial world.

It’s not about pre-packaged plans (focusing on a product) or lazy thinking (just getting the job done quickly). Our framework goes far beyond the typical portfolio and asset management and into the realm of your most important values, relationships and goals. Wealth planning done right is grounded in you, including what you need and want for the people and charities you care about most.

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We are your advocates.

Our highest order is delivering on our promises to our clients. We are fiduciary, but we believe being a fiduciary is second to our internal ethical compass.

As your private wealth management team, we will help oversee and provide the necessary protection of your assets while you enjoy the hard-earned wealth you’ve created.

How do we differ from standard financial advisors?

If you had the choice, it’s likely you’d pick only experienced wealth advisors to work with for any and all of your situations. However, the truth is, many investors just like you and families like yours aren’t currently working with professionals who are really capable of delivering the advice and help needed. If you feel in the dark, you wouldn’t be the first. Many aren’t sure if they’re getting the best solutions available for their financial situations.

Brokers and advisors tend to focus on mass financial products. And more often than not, standard financial advisors overlook their clients’ purpose and intention behind their wealth.

As private wealth management advisors, we believe that you can’t get meaningful results without truly understanding a person at their core. We strive to understand each of our clients on a deep, personal level — a level that goes way beyond just the numbers.

Intricate coordination of sophisticated and complex solutions and synergies is key to our ability to provide outcomes that could be beneficial for you and your family. While some brokers and advisors approach your financial challenges and the like often in an inconstant way, we don’t. We employ systematic processes for you to help find possible gaps in your wealth plan.

We are able to accomplish this because we’re designed to:

● Address failures. We will seek out mistakes and possible faults in solutions and processes thus far and iron them out.

● Identify opportunities. We are consistently on the lookout for any missed opportunities that we can take advantage of and help you decide if they’re a good idea to pursue.

● Continuously improve. We review your current plan in place and check if they are up-to-date.

Private Wealth Management is Right for You.

Chances are, you didn’t get to where you are today by sitting on your hands or twiddling your thumbs.

Apply your drive and foresight to planning for your future and managing your wealth proactively.
Here are some questions to ask yourself about your current financial advisors:

Do your financial advisors catch and fix any failures by means of systematic processes and constantly keep an eye on the management of your financial situation?

How often do the financial professionals you work with reach out to and coordinate with the top specialists in specific fields when certain matters are beyond their expertise?
Are your financial brokers often thinking about “what if’s” in order to unearth new opportunities and decide on the best future plan of action you can take? Do you think your current financial advisors are providing or are able to provide you with the best solutions and expertise you can get?

How often do your wealth advisors and brokers get you to the front of the line with regard to getting the solutions and expertise you need?

Do your financial advisors come back to your solutions and reevaluate to see if you’re still on the best possible course or if a different path would do better for you?

The CWM Framework

We integrate three approaches to form a holistic, interconnected framework. These are the drivers of our wealth management team.

  1. Systematic Processes: To identify and address mistakes, find opportunities that may have been overlooked and ensure that you are constantly up to date in the latest strategies.

  2. Cohesive Team: The ability of our team and our network of expert professionals to deliver specialized strategies and provide preferential and cost-effective access to the latest solutions.

  3. The Human Element: The deeply understand you and align your priorities with your wealth plan for an effective, cohesive holistic planning.
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